The Serbian Chemical Society awarded the best students in 2020-21 school year

The Serbian Chemical Society (SCS) awarded, among others, the best students of the Faculty of Sciences (PMF) and Faculty of Technology (TF) of the University of Novi Sad for the exceptional success achieved in 2020-21 school year. The list of awarded students can be found in the report of the president of SHD, Prof. Dr. Dušan Sladić, at the Ceremonial Assembly of the SHD, held on December 16, 2021 ( ).

The annual SCS awards to the best graduate students for outstanding achievement during their studies were given to the following students:

Sara Joksović, TF, average grade10 

Nikola Radnović, PMF, average grade10 

Ljubica Brenjo, PMF, average grade10 

Andrijana Vukojević, PMF, average grade10

Aleksandra Roganović, PMF, average grade10 

Special awards SCS graduates for outstanding achievement during their studies were awarded to the following students:

Jelena Rašeta, TF, average grade 9,94 

Dunja Ljubičić, TF, average grade 9,78 

Jelena Šurlan, TF, average grade 9,69 

Teodora Cvanić, TF, average grade 9,62

Anja Saveljić, TF, average grade 9,50

Nikola Čokorac, PMF, average grade 9,97 

Dušica Jovanović, PMF, average grade 9,94 

Jelena Antić, PMF, average grade 9,94 

Andre Stephan Ćulum, PMF, average grade 9,91

Jovana Drčalić, PMF, average grade 9,88 

Tomislav Kačarević, PMF, average grade 9,85 

Sofija Đukanović, PMF, average grade 9,75 

Jelena Đilas, PMF, average grade 9,71

Đorđe Janković, PMF, average grade 9,68 

Jana Pavlović, PMF, average grade 9,68 

Milica Jakšić, PMF, average grade 9,65

Ivana Simin, PMF, average grade 9,59 

Ćorđe Pejin, PMF, average grade 9,59

All SCS winners are awarded a free membership fee for the next two years (after personal membership in the Society) and a subscription to the journal Hemijski pregled. 

Members and management of the Chemical Society of Vojvodina (SCS-CSV) congratulate the awarded students and invite them to join the society.

More information about SCS-CSV and membership in the society, on the website