Statute (excerpt)

Terms and Modes of Joining And Cessation of Membership

Article 5.

Member of Society can become any person who accepts goals of Society and it’s Statute and submit application form to Executive Board of Society.

A minor person in his 14 years of age can become a member with enclosing notarized statement of his/hers legal representative of consent.

For persons younger than 14 years from paragraph 1. of this article, application form is submitted by his/hers legal representative.

Article 6.

Executive board decides of accepting the members and informs without delay person submitting the application form.

A member can resign of his membership giving written statement of resigning. If minor person is in question no consent of legal representative is needed.

Membership in Society can cease due to longer inactivity of a member, disrespecting paragraphs and articles of this Statute or violation of reputation of Society.

Decision of cessation of membership delivers Parliament, regarding justified proposal of Executive board.

Member must be allowed to give statement of reasons of which proposal for cessation has been submitted.

Membership rights, obligations and responsibilities

Article 7.

Member of Society has rights to:

  1. Equally participate with other members in gaining goals of Society.
  2. Be present in bringing decisions at Parliament, as well as through bodies of Society.
  3. Elect and be elected for bodies of Society.
  4. Be informed in timely manner of work and activities of Society.

Member is obligated to:

  1. Actively contributes gaining goals of Society.
  2. Be part of Society’s activities in accordance to his/hers interests.
  3. Pays membership fee.
  4. Performs other activities which Executive board gives.

Article 8.

For achieved results in gaining goals and tasks, Society gives recognitions and awards.

Recognitions and awards are given based on Regulations which is declared by Parliament. Decisions of recognitions and awards are brought by Parliament of Society.