Rulebook of the work of sections

Rulebook of the work of sections of Serbian Chemical Society – Chemical Society of Vojvodina

Article 1.

Sections are form of organizing of the members of Society, which gathers members interested in particular fields of chemistry, technology and similar fields. Goal of particular section is gaining results and goals of Society as a whole, mainly throughout organizing lectures, seminars, assemblies and other forms of informing members of achievements in the fields of chemistry, technology and similar fields for which sections is formed.

Article 2.

Section is being formed based on interests of at least 10 members of Society.

Section is being formed at the Founding Meeting of particular section. Record of founding a section from this meeting, signed by all the members of Society who attended and names of appointed president and secretary of section, is delivered to Presidency of Society.

Presidency of Society discusses fulfilment of terms for founding a section and by establishing that there are conditions for successful gaining results and goals of section, it confirms the decision of establishing the section, not later than 3 months after founding the section and informs the president of Section about decision.

Article 3.

President and Secretary of Section run the work of it.

President and Secretary of Section are being elected at the meeting of Section where at least half of members of Section must attend. Election is done by public voting, if otherwise attending members do not decide differently.

Electing President and Secretary of Section must be done before annual electing Assembly of Society and for period of 2 years. Mandate can be prolonged and renewed indefinitely. If out of any reason President and/or Secretary cannot fulfil their duties before their mandate is over, new election is held by the 2nd paragraph of this article.

President of Section presides the meetings and takes care about fulfilling the tasks and goals for which section has been formed. Secretary of section takes record of members and helps President in duties primarily through dealing with administrative and technical jobs.

Article 4.

Section is in duty to report the Presidency of Society of it’s overall work in past year no later than 15 days before Annual assembly of Society. In case that Section does not report of it’s overall work for 2 years repeatedly, the work of President and Secretary is been suspended and on the initiative of President of Society assembly of all members of Section is held for new election for President and Secretary of Section.

Article 5.

Presidency of Society decides of ceasing of work of Section, if there are proofs that Section’s work is no longer successful or when Section does not achieve any tasks and goals of Society.

Article 6.

Rulebook of The Work of Sections is delivered (and changed) by the Assembly of Society

Transitional And Final Provisions

Article 7.

Rulebook is effective on the day it’s approved. Procedure of electing President and Secretary according to this rulebook all sections will carry on in period of 6 months from the day Rulebook became effective.